Raymond Anderson Wainwright Memorial Scholarship Award

Denzel Cunningham - McNair High School

Denzel Cunningham is the youngest of his brothers, Roderick and Brian Cunningham. His mother was deceased in April of 1999. His father wasn't really there; the only way to see his father was when he popped up out of nowhere. He was introduced to football in the 7th grade at McNair High School. When he reached the 10th grade he became the captain of the offensive line on the McNair High School Varsity football team. During his 11th grade year he achieved an All-County honorable mention certificate. By the 12th grade Denzel he made all county and he was also the highest ranked player in his position at the banquet. He didn't get too many reps on defensive line, but when he did he made a statement. He played center throughout high school and tallied 27 pancakes, 17 tackles, 1 sack all of his senior year; and in 3 years he had over 50 pancakes and 25 tackles. His grade point average is 2.2 and his main drive is his mother/grandmother and to get out of the hood. He wants to go to college at Edward Waters University and major in business marketing. He also wants to earn his real estates license after college. He is a team player and his favorite quote to his teammates was "Don't stop, don't quit, and succeed no matter what".

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