Franklin E. Hill

President's Message

SEVENTY SIX YEARS IN AGE - 1934 to 2010... who would have thought that time would fly by so quickly, moving from a world so restrictive in curbing dreams for so many people to a time when all possibilities exist. What progress we have seen, what promise we have in our futures.

SEVENTY-SIX YEARS IN MEMORY - time to remember persons and events that have formed us, time to plan to create our own legacy as the energy of youth and the wisdom of ages come together. Anniversaries are a special time to remember not only how long you have been together, but how much you have meant to each other and how much you have accomplished.

SEVENTY-SIX YEARS IN GROWTH... In 1934, some very energetic sports enthusiasts, focused on football throughout traditional black college conferences, created an organization with a goal of raising the awareness of the outstanding achievements of many deserving competitive athletes. And we stand here as testimony to what they had formed, what they had dreamed and what they had envisioned our future could be through the young men and women we honor today.

We, the members of the 100% Wrong Club, are honored to present this 76th Anniversary celebration. This sports celebration is designed to honor young athletes and civic leaders from our community, and scholars across the South, honoring them with the recognition and admiration they so richly deserve.

We, the members of the 100% Wrong Club, are extremely proud to continue the time-honored traditions that these 76 years have made a difference in the lives of these fine young men and women.

As yesterday's writers have said, we live in "interesting times." We see communities and individuals trying to cope with a lack of economic assistance and personal energy. Too many critics feel that these are insurmountable barriers. However, as all of us have seen, not just in seventy-five years, but through time immemorial, we can and will overcome; we will grow and we will prosper. Seeing the people we honor this weekend, we are totally confident that this will happen sooner than later.

To the honorees, we ask that you continue to be leaders in your personal space, whether that is school, church, work, or creating a better place and more vibrant community. Through our efforts today, we seek to inspire and to honor our future tomorrows!

As President, I want to thank you for your presence and your support for this year's celebration. I also would be remiss at this 76th Anniversary if I did not thank all who have been part of the 100% Wrong Club over the years and to those who have supported us. We value your presence and your generous support. We thank you our corporate partners. Your commitment to our efforts has allowed us to continue to honor and award these worthy recipients.

SEVENTY-SIX YEARS STILL YOUNG - we have seen a lot of changes in our society, in our lives and in our Club. We in the 100% Wrong Club pledge to continue our work and want to make this a special time for each of you. It is our hope that this will be remembered, as but one step toward all of us making our communities better places to live, to work and yes to play.

Thank you for coming. Enjoy the celebration!