76 years of history

The 100% Wrong Club was established in 1934 by 13 sports enthusiasts in the city of Atlanta for the purpose of recognizing collegiate athletes in the 1930's and 1940's. Today the club continues to maintain its historical link to the past and has expanded its scope by continuing to recgonize and award college and high school athletes as well as local community leaders, and national pioneers in the field of sports and social justice. Each year, after the college bowl games, the club selects college and high school student atheltes to attend our annual "Sports Jamboree" weekend. The weekend includes a Kick-Off reception, a High School Awards Breakfast, Mentoring Session, Press Reception and an Awards Banquet.

In the 46th year of the club's history, the club established the "Alonzo S. Jake Gaither" award which recognizes the most outstanding football player from a historically black college or university.