The Alonzo S. "Jake" Gaither Award

A.S. "Jake" Gaither was to Florida A&M what Bobby Dodd was to Georgia Tech. He was Head Football Coach for 25 years and Head Basketball Coach for six years. His illustrious career included wins of 203 games, losses of 36 and he tied four. Coach Gaither was responsible for sending 42 players to the National Football League. He won 23 of 25 Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) titles and won six national championships altogether. He received many honors during his coaching career, which included SIAC Coach of the Decade, and Coach of the Year in the Collegiate Division in 1962. In January of 1975, he received the "Triple Crown Award," which included the Alonzo Stagg Award by the American Football Coaches Association; the Walter Camp Award from Yale University and the national Football Hall of Fame.

In all, Coach Gaither was inducted into nine Halls of Fame. The Gaither Award, added in the 44th year of the 100% Wrong Club, is given as a symbol of the club's continued growth. It is meant to fulfill the goals of the organization's founders by giving recognition to all of America's fine athletes. The A.S. "Jake" Gaither Award ranks with the top sports Award in America and is the top award presented by the 100% Wrong Club. It recognizes the top football athlete from a historically black college or university.

Past recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

2005 Award Recipient - Herman J. Russell

2004 Award Recipient - Xernona Clayton

The Al Thompson Award

The Al Thompson Award is named for the late president of the 100% Wrong Club. As a devoted and longtime employee with the federal government, Al Thompson was known for the many years he spent as a public servant. He was committed to the ideals of healthy sports competition, strong family ties and civic responsibilities. This award is given to the individual that possesses the characteristics of our late president.

2009 Award Recipient - Beverly Houston Banister

2008 Award Recipient - Rodney Wayne

2006 Award Recipient - Judge Clarence Seelinger

2005 Award Recipient - Dr. Velma Hill Jenkins

2004 Award Recipient - Larry Thompson

2003 Award Recipient - Mayor W. Glenn

The Pioneer Award

This award is given each year to a national figure who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of human dignity. This award is sponsored by the 100% Wrong Club in memory of the late Alonzo F. Herndon, founder of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Mr. Herndon would be very proud of the distinguished recipients who have received this award, for each pioneer shares a spark of kindredship with every man or woman, of every age, who has dared to be first in any field. The club feels that in all of our award considerations the determination of physical excellence may be largely based on statistics, but that in the category of Pioneer, there are deeper and more significant social considerations. A long pass, a hard hit ball, a sprint, a broad jump... these may be measured in tangible figures. But one's contributions to uplifting the human spirit must be judged in terms of character, integrity and faith in the destiny of man and love of God.

2009 Award Winner - Atlanta Amateur Football League (AAFL)

2008 Award Winner - Lisa Borders

2007 Award Winner - Ray Robinson

2006 Award Winner - Fred Price

2005 Award Winner - Gwen Keyes

2004 Award Winner - Lee Rhyant

2003 Award Winner - Willie E. Gary

The Ralph C. Robinson Coach of the Year Award

During the 1920's, Mr. Robinson was considered one of the most outstanding coaches in collegiate history. While at Clark College he coached championship teams in track, basketball and football. This award is given to the Top Coach of the Year selected from among the historically black colleges and universities.

2008 Award Winner - Rod Broadway

2007 Award Winner - Willie Slater

2006 Award Winner - Joe Taylor

2005 Award Winner - James "Mike" White

2004 Award Winner - Pete Richardson

2003 Award Winner - Doug Williams

Georgia Tech Player of the Year Award

2009 Award Winners - Anthony Allen and Brad Jefferson

2008 Award Winners - Andrew Gardner and Darryl Richard

2007 Award Winners - Jamal Lewis and Darrell Robertson

2006 Award Winners - Demarius Bilbo and Gerris Wilkinson

2005 Award Winners - Calvin Johnson, Nate Curry, and James Butler

2004 Award Winners - Reggie Ball, Hugh Reilly and Daryl Smith

University of Georgia Player of the Year Award

2009 Award Winners - A.J. Green and Rennie Curran

2008 Award Winners - Clint Boling and Rennie Curran

2007 Award Winners - Jeff Owens and Sean Bailey

2006 Award Winners - DJ Shockley, Kedrick Gelston and Greg Blue

2005 Award Winners - David Green, Reggie Brown and David Pollack

2004 Award Winners - David Green and Sean Jones

The Marion E. Jackson Coaches & Players Awards

Mr. Marion E. Jackson was the Sports Director for the Atlanta Daily World and a former member of the club. This award is presented to the Top Players and Coaches selected by each conference in honor of his memory.

High School Achievement Awards

2009 - Coach and Player of the Year - Chip Walker and Greg Reid

2009 - Female Athlete of the Year - Chatil Bradford

2008 - Coach and Player of the Year - Jarvis Corey and Greg Reid

2008 - Female Athlete of the Year - Tessah S. Holt

2007 - Coach and Player of the Year - Dell McGee and Washuan Ealey

2007 - Female Atheltes of the Year - Victoria Omotayo and Khyla Johnson

High School Scholarship Award

2008 Award Winners

2007 Award Winners

2006 Award Winners

2005 Award Winners

2004 Award Winners

2003 Award Winners

Atlanta Falcons Awards

Atlanta Falcons Community Service Award - Chauncy Davis

Atlanta Falcons Outstanding Player Award - Jonathan Babineaux

The 100 Percent Wrong Club Raymond Anderson Wainwright Memorial Scholarship Award

2009 Award Winner - Robert Amie

2008 Award Winner - Denzel Cunningham

The 100 Percent Wrong Club Morehouse Most Valuable Player Award

2009 Award Winner - Ramon Harewood

The 100 Percent Wrong Club Hall of Fame Award

The 100 percent wrong clubs' hall of fame awards recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of past award recipients who have excelled in their career field while setting standards as role models and professional athletes.

2005 Award Winner - Gerald Riggs

2003 Award Winner - Jesse Tuggle

The Coca-Cola National Historical Black College Football Championship Award

The Coca-Cola National Historical Black College Football Championship Award was introduced into competition in 1953, and is symbolic of supremacy in collegiate football. The award was originally named the W.A. Scott, III, Memorial Trophy in honor and memory of an All- American football player who was a pioneer newspaper publisher.

It was changed to the Coca-Cola National Historical Black College Football Championship Award in 1993 in recognition of the company's support of black college athletics. For the first time in history, the winning team was determined by a poll of black college football coaches and athletic directors conducted by the 100% Wrong Club.

Previous Winners